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Desi 'Extreme Strong' Blend

I really liked your coffee. It is ground to right size for French press and gives full aroma to liquor

Improvement Needed

Aroma and flavour were both lacking. Just tasted og nothing really!

Dear Customer,

We use single Estate Coffee. Our Roasters are automated for consistency. Inititial drum temperature, duration of Roast and other parameters are followed in graphical manner with assistance of automation for consistency.

Your feedback helps us to improve. Criticism is very important for us to improve.

I strongly recommend you to try our sampler box (75 grams * 6 variants). You can try all our variants and choose the one which suits your taste requirement.

India is diverse country. We have to meet taste requirement of our valued customers at different parts of India. Each of our variant is designed with utmost care to fulfill requirement of all our customers.

Thanks for taking time to review us. Please whatsapp us on 8147148948. We can answer questions on whatsapp.

Our Coffee may cost 25% lower than other speciality coffee Roasters in India. This is probably because we grow our own coffee. There is absolutely no compromise on quality of coffee. Satisfaction and joy of selling our Estate grown coffee is very important to us.

Although expiry date is 6 months. It's scientifically proven that coffee will have special aromas from 5th day to 40th day from roasting date.

Yours faithful Farmer,
Fraction 9 Coffee Roasters.


Your product very nice. Excellent taste. But we feel little expensive.
Timely delivery. Very Good

Very Good Coffee

The breakfast roast is finely crafted to retain the refreshing flavor and the inherent sweetness of coffee. When brewed properly - I brew in a percolator - the resultant coffee is like a reward for the new morning. I turn to God and thank Him for one more refreshing New Morning He granted me. You must try to realize the truth.

Fracion Coffee of the best coffees..we had so far. We relished it. We served to some of our guests, who were also happy with the taste and quality.

Good coffee

Aroma , strength all are good

Awesome coffee!

Its a great coffee and this can only be said about by the coffee lovers ! Love it ... will be ordering again and on repeat.

The best filter coffee experience

If you are a lover of filter coffee then go no further . Also excellent after sales service . 

Fraction 9 Traditional Blend Dark Roast Coffee

We find the above coffee to our liking as it is appetising & refreshing. We only feel that the price is high & appeal to make it attractive price wise to gain market for the product. This is our personal opinion. We will continue to buy the product from you.


Good aroma - great taste - very good packing

the coffee powder is very fresh and the aroma of the coffee powder for the French Press is very good.


Combinations have superb flavour. I have decided to stay with with brand for long. Hope Fraction 9 will provide more variety to avoid boredom. Packaging is great. Hope the quality and pricing remain affordable. Please do not stop direct sale.


I got what I expected. I am happy that I don't have to search any more for my morning brew.

Breakfast Roast Coffee

Great taste

Definitely recommend to try it

Worth it

Finally an affordable coffee that tastes good too.


Strong, but does not have the strong flavour and aroma


Good coffee at reasonable price & very convenient way of procuring.

Very good as expected

Really good taste and rich in flavour.

Traditional coffee ( in traditional cylindrical filter)

Cofee flavour is v good.

(FFF) Fresh, Fantastic and Fully Satisfied

This was the best coffee I drink till now, excited to test other varieties.

Good cpffee

Taste to tongue

Taste of pure Coffee

Aroma and taste are well balanced to get the traditional Coffee experience.

Great feeling in morning

I developed morning coffee taste from Seattle, but in Ghaziabad (UP) or near by I couldn't find coffee of taste, option for me to bring Coffee from Seattle, now I found this coffee to meet my morning coffee requirement. Thanks

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